Portrait Commissions

Have you got a game or RPG character that you'd like drawn? Perhaps you have a friend or family member who would love to see their own creation re-imagined in my clean and vibrant style? On this page, you'll find information regarding all my options and pricing for personal-use portrait commissions. These are a great addition to any art collection, good for non-commercial social media graphics, and can also make for a great gift! 

Although I will consider all subject matter, my specialities are:

  • Online game characters (Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, etc)

  • Tabletop RPG characters (Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder)

  • Furry community characters/Fursonas

  • Original characters (from novels, play-by-post, comics, etc)

For styles, pricing and extras, consult the handy infographics I have provided below! For terms, conditions and FAQ, please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of of this site. 

I've never been a huge fan of stark-white backgrounds, so I have a few options for backgrounds for you to pick from. If you have any other suggestions for backgrounds, please feel free to discuss it with me when talking about your commission! I'm pretty open-minded. 

These are extra things you can add to your commission! As more detailed characters can take a lot more time, there will be an extra charge for them.

For commission enquires, you can email me (brbeeps@gmail.com) or contact me via social media (Twitter and Instagram are my most frequently used). Please read my terms and conditions before committing to a commission. I look forward to working with you!

©Sandra Gibson 2019